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Elevate Your Game with Aston Manor Senior Cricket

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Step into the arena of excellence with Aston Manor’s Senior Cricket. Our three core adult teams, including our premier division First Team, showcase the highest standard of play and sportsmanship. Join a community of passionate players dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering equal opportunity, and creating cricketing legacies. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, there’s a place for you in the Aston Manor family.

Latest standings & Stats can be found here: 

We have 3 core adult teams:

  • 1st XI
  • 2nd XI
  • 3rd XI

As well as a very vibrant over 40s team led by Austen Ember & Chris Woodings.

  • Club Chairman is Hardep Panesar
  • Our Head of Senior Cricket is Toqir Habib 
  • Our Head Coach is Arun Chander
  • Our Club Officials (ACO registered) are Sashi Thakhor, Preet Panesar & Arsalaan Ateeq