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Welcome To Aston Manor Cricket Club


We can announce that from Friday 3rd July we will hold our first session of 2020 - this will commence at 6.00pm through to 8.00pm. We would very much like to have as many of the junior set up involved as possible.

Registration Process

We will ask all parents to confirm registration details and also to read and confirm acceptance of the plans and ECB recommendations. The club will not initially be open for general access (re-opens 4th July) however toilet facilities will be available via the dressing rooms where a one way system has been set up for access and egress.

If you are looking for your child to attend please follow the requirements:
  1. Bring your child's equipment in a bag and keep with you at all times in your family group
  2. Where your child is taking part in nets or training batting/bowling - please bring your own youth sized cricket ball so this can be used. Any club equipment provided will be sanitised and cleaned for use.
  3. Space will be allocated to follow social distancing but we suggest bringing your own seating where possible
Please note access to the cricket pitch outside of the allocated areas will not be allowed:
  1. Bring your own refreshments and drinks for your child - this again should be kept in your group, no sharing of drinks will be allowed
  2. Identify at registration process any health issues for your child - we need to ensure everything is confidentially recorded.
  3. Follow the social distancing guidelines when interacting with club officials, other members and family groups.
  4. Please do not bring any pets to the ground
As part of our plans, coaches have been briefed on safety protocols which include the regular use of anti-bacterial hand cleansers. We are also working with a new innovative solution that is being piloted by Warwickshire Cricket League and will be using this which provides a longer term single application process.We will provide this non alcohol based solution for participants on the field but please also bring your own for use as needed or preferred.

To outline our plans further:
  1. Two lanes of the nets will be used (the centre lane is roped off) - the nets have also been cleared of vegetation that had built up and the surrounding area cut back extensively
  2. Training and coaching zones will be allocated per group
  3. Two training strips have been prepared which will allow groups to bowl and bat on the pitch in seperate groups
  4. Drinks breaks will be introduced on a rota basis for each group
  5. No sharing of equipment will be allowed
  6. A sanitised and clean ball will be provided for each session to each player for fielding drills - if you prefer use of your own, please mark the equipment with child's name
  7. No equipment or kit to be allowed on to the pitch when not being used
  8. All club equipment will be cleansed before the start and conclusion of each session

Obviously we have various costs that we have had to maintain specifically for the cricket section - specifically insurance and now to cover safety costs. However, we also recognise that the time period of coaching is reduced and have therefore reduced the registration fee to £10 per child only with a session cost of £5 (Reduced to £7.50 for 2 juniors participating from one family).

As you can imagine re-engaging at this time will require an element of us establishing the best approach and we also recognise that some parents may still be reluctant to have their child engaged at this stage. The safety, wellbeing and security of all of our members and participants is the most paramount consideration for us all at Aston Manor. Please feel free to contact our Head of Cricket David Woakes on 07870 830090 to discuss any particular concerns or issues.

Attendance Registration

Finally, understanding how many juniors will be attending is important for us to understand before each session. We are looking to build a seperate booking system to that used for our senior registration, so for now can you please email our Cricket Secretary Andrea Pritchard to confirm you will be attending - email via andmart@hotmail.co.uk

Click here to read the ECB guidelines as published on 1st June 2020.

We look forward to getting started again with our junior programme and welcoming all parents and members back - please note the club itself fully opens again on 4th July (again following all social distancing requirements) so facilities will be more readily available from then for future sessions.

Thank you on behalf of the Aston Manor Cricket Committee we look forward to welcoming you and your family back to Church Lane.