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Management & Committee

At Aston Manor Cricket Club we strive to create a safe and empowering environment for all. Our management team consist of professionals and hard-working people who all volunteer their time for the benefit of the club.

Our Sub-Committees

We have various sub-committees which handle different responsibilities in the club:

Selection and Coaching:
* Player selection for matches and tournaments.
* Management of coaching staff and skill development programs.
* Junior development and coaching young players.
* Oversight of umpiring andd officiating requirements for matches.

Finance and Admin:
* Financial management, budgeting and fundraising.
* Inventory and equipment maintenance.
* Legal compliance and governance for the club.
* Technology, data management, and record-keeping.

Marketing and Membership:
* Club branding, marketing and social media management.
* Communication with members and the community.
* Membership registration and engagement strategies.
* Content creation, promotion of sponsorship, and fundraising efforts.
* Kits.

Facilities and Events:
* Maintenance and improvement of cricket grounds, facilities and equipment.
* Scheduling fixtures, tournaments, and club events.
* Health and safety measures during matches, training and events.

Our Sponsors